Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product line Natural?

Yes! Halo Pantry flavorings are All Natural. Our product does not contain any preservatives or any artificial ingredients. Our product line is Dye-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Nut-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan friendly. In addition, our products Do Not Contain any colors or sweeteners.

Can I use these Halo Pantry flavorings on any recipe?

Most Definitely! Halo Pantry flavorings can be used in any baking/cooking, candy, dessert, smoothie, and/or drink recipes. We also recommend using it in place of recipes that call for vanilla extract. You can add Halo Pantry flavorings to add more flavor to your culinary creation. (IMPORTANT: For use in recipes only and flavoring is Not to be consumed directly from bottle.)

How much flavoring should I use in my recipes?

Depending on type of recipe, we recommend starting out by adding 1-2 teaspoon of flavoring for each 1 cup of ingredients. For example, a standard cake box mix is about 4-5cups of total combined ingredients, therefore, we recommend 1 tablespoon of flavoring. Add more flavoring to achieve desired taste. (Measure to Taste)

For best results, shake bottle gently before each use. Dilute flavoring into the wet ingredients of recipe first or measure out the blended ingredients before mixing in the flavoring.

Where & How should I store this product in my kitchen?

Please store the shelf stable flavoring products in a COOL, DRY PLACE. Keep bottle sealed after use and if possible, keep the bottle inside its original outer boxed carton to help maintain shelf life. (Please DO NOT refrigerate the flavors | Keep Away from direct sunlight or direct heat | Keep out of reach of small children)

Does the product have an expiration date?

Yes, the best before date (month/year) is printed on the back of the label of each individual bottle. 

Are these products made in the USA?

Yes, every ingredient & packaging materials used in our entire product line have been sourced and made in the USA. Our company is based in California.

Is the liquid in your UBE product clear or purple like other popular brands? How about PANDAN or your other flavors?

Our UBE & PANDAN flavoring is COLORLESS, and clear liquid because it is natural and we do not add food coloring in our product line like others. All of our natural flavorings are DYE-FREE, no added colors. Therefore, you have the option to add any colorings you want to on your own & separately in your recipes.