Back in October of 2021, I was on a mission to find all the ingredients & supplies to make homemade lollipops for the kids. While shopping around several different grocery & craft stores for flavors, I noticed that every extract/flavoring product on the shelves contained sweeteners, artificial ingredients, and were simply unappealing.
From that moment, I realized I had to create a natural & healthier line of food flavorings that I would enjoy, can be applied to any type of recipe, and know other foodies would want to keep in their pantry. Fast forward 5 months later, I'm excited to finally introduce Halo Pantry flavorings to everyone!
All the flavor concepts developed for the Halo Pantry collection were inspired by my passion for home baking/cooking and obsession with drinking boba teas.



HALO PANTRY is a premium line of Asian-inspired flavorings made exclusively for use in any baking, cooking, dessert, candy, or drink recipes. Currently, our assortment consist of 11 flavors that is very aromatic and gourmet in taste. Unlike other food flavoring products, Halo Pantry only adds flavors & does not alter or negatively impact the taste of your original recipe because it doesn't contain any sweeteners or other additives. With our products, you have complete control of your own recipes. In addition, you can customize the appearance of your recipes by adding your own natural colors separately.
Our product line is All Natural, Dye-Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy-Free, Vegan Friendly, Zero Sugars, Zero Calories,  No Preservatives, No Colors, No GMOs, & absolutely No Sweeteners, All ingredients are sourced & made within the USA. We produce our product in small batches to insure quality and perfection. 



HALO PANTRY officially launched in March 2022.  The mission behind the HALO PANTRY brand is to make the DIY, at-home cooking/baking experience simple, fun, and to also encourage others to explore asian-inspired flavors. We are committed to innovating & delivering all natural & high quality products.